On-site Services

“At your speed” means that we’ll work with you to determine the best way we can meet your specific computing needs, be it with fast installation and support solutions when you need them, or with patient, step-by-step tutoring in the use of your computer and software. When performing installations or fixing problems, we’ll spare you the details and take care of business to get you up and running as soon as possible. When tutoring, we’ll explain and demonstrate things in a way you’ll understand, and will rephrase or repeat as necessary.

Particular specialties are helping you to streamline repetitive computing tasks, and writing clear instructions with screen pictures to guide you through tasks with which you have difficulty.

We also offer telephone and email support (Help Desk) to existing clients.

Our service is informed by many years of experience installing and supporting PC and Macintosh computers and networks in private, non-profit, academic, and small business computing environments. We work hard to refine our often unique ability among computer support personnel to speak plain English.

For details and rates, please contact us.